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Global Warming is Finally Real

We found out today that physicist and long-time global warming skeptic, Richard Muller, has reached a final conclusion about global warming. He now concludes temperatures are in fact rising rapidly, after running a two-year study with his daughter. Unlike most … Continue reading

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Good Ideas, Poor Leadership

I recently learned that Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011 included a program called the Bridge to Work plan. The Bridge to Work would allow companies to hire unemployed workers without having to pay them. Essentially, the plan boils down to … Continue reading

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to Meat or not to Meat

In honor of Blog Action Day 2011, I am tailoring today’s post around food. Specifically, the debate between carnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. How can one group of people feel so strongly about never using or consuming anything from … Continue reading

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finding Balance

Here are a few pages that underscore the importance and approach of looking at both sides of an issue. By working together, we can agree to disagree on some things while finding common ground and shared vision on others: – … Continue reading

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what’s in store

With this blog, I plan to discuss and shed light on the polarities between various groups in our communities, specifically in regards to American social and political issues. As a moderate, I am fascinated by extreme(ish) viewpoints, their origins, and … Continue reading

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