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Creatively solving problems by listening objectively to all sides, my goal is to advance prosperity by focusing on common ground issues and uniting leaders with solutions for tough problems.

Life As a Blogger

I have really enjoyed the past couple months as a blogger. And I’ll be the first to admit that blogging is HARD WORK. It requires quite a bit of discipline to continually find new stories and ideas that fit your … Continue reading

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Is it Really Class Warfare?

While I am not one for conservative media outlets, I’ve been seeing some Facebook posts lately suggesting that Obama is waging “class warfare” in hopes of earning himself another four years as Commander-in-Chief. There is no denying that Obama is … Continue reading

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The Double Edged Sword of Unemployment

Raise your hand if you don’t want the US unemployment rate to decrease. Thank you, you can put your hands down. What’s that you say? Your surprised anyone would raise their hands? I hear you, I mean, what kind of … Continue reading

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Complete Faith in Agnosticism

I watched the season finale of South Park this week and I loved it, as usual. The episode, entitled “The Poor Kid“, featured a family that would adopt foster children and force them to be Agnostic (Warning: episode will probably … Continue reading

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Global Warming is Finally Real

We found out today that physicist and long-time global warming skeptic, Richard Muller, has reached a final conclusion about global warming. He now concludes temperatures are in fact rising rapidly, after running a two-year study with his daughter. Unlike most … Continue reading

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Good Ideas, Poor Leadership

I recently learned that Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011 included a program called the Bridge to Work plan. The Bridge to Work would allow companies to hire unemployed workers without having to pay them. Essentially, the plan boils down to … Continue reading

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to Meat or not to Meat

In honor of Blog Action Day 2011, I am tailoring today’s post around food. Specifically, the debate between carnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. How can one group of people feel so strongly about never using or consuming anything from … Continue reading

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