Life As a Blogger

I have really enjoyed the past couple months as a blogger. And I’ll be the first to admit that blogging is HARD WORK. It requires quite a bit of discipline to continually find new stories and ideas that fit your beat, and then turn those in to actual posts. Especially with my topic of trying to find middle ground and showing both sides of an issue. The bloggers out there who are doing this several times a week have my utmost respect.

One way that blogging has changed me relates to how I perceive and interpret news stories. I guess you can say I now see things through a different lens. For me, continually writing about a certain topic forced me to look at things in a “how might I blog about this?” sort of way. In other words, a news update is no longer just a news update: it’s a topic for my blog and the possibility for me to bring about the type of change I wish to see.

Going forward, I will certainly be thinking about my beat topic but I doubt I will be blogging about it. To be honest, I never really got comfortable enough to publicize my work, and I am not one to write for the sake of writing. Instead, I will likely follow other bloggers and share their work so that similar types of change may still occur.

Overall, this has been a very rich learning experience for me. I feel armed with enough training to be a participant in the blogospehere, and perhaps I will be effective at promoting change by commenting on blogs and engaging other readers. If any one is interested in the topics of “all sides thinking”, “moderate politics”, or “media accuracy” I suggest checking out the following sites:

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About Dave K

Creatively solving problems by listening objectively to all sides, my goal is to advance prosperity by focusing on common ground issues and uniting leaders with solutions for tough problems.
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6 Responses to Life As a Blogger

  1. Brent Cochran says:

    I completely agree with your insight into how writing about a topic has changed my perspective viewing news stories or other info. related to my blog. I completely understand your desire to take a break from blogging, but I have really enjoyed your blog and think you did an excellent job. So if the urge ever arises to pick up the practice again, I say “ship early and often,” because you have some wisdom that others need to hear.

  2. Rachel M says:

    Dave, I really appreciate getting your perspective on things. I’ll miss your blog. Your relaxed tone and balanced perspective make up a voice we need to be hearing more of! Thank you for the recommendations for other places to find some perspective.

  3. jennar151 says:

    Maybe a Tumblr would be a good direction for you… a way to share the great things you are currently scanning. I could see this as beneficial for business development too.

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